Project and task managmement tool
Mojo is an out-of-the-box solution for project and daily task management. With the help of Mojo, you can manage any business process, in any industry. A great tool to keep track of the current tasks, and to be informed about the responsible persons and the overall work results. The tool also helps to eliminate countless e-mail correspondences and note sheets.
Project managment
Issue tracking
Scrum and KanBan
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Mojo is an alternative solution to such world-known systems as Jira, OpenProject, Wrike, etc.

One of the main advantages of Mojo is that it can be installed on the client’s company servers (infrastructure), which ensures that all data is stored on the client’s side and not on the third party service providers. If you are more interested in Cloud-based solution, please read more about Atlassian Jira.

Mojo development started after Altassian’s public announcement that Jira and related products will no longer be supported as a server installation version (On-premise) from 2024.

Currently, the functionality of the tool is still in the development process, but we are already offering it to our customers free of charge. To get access to the source code of the solution, the client needs to enter into a mutual agreement on the terms of use, you can read more about it by pressing here.

Task management

Task as a main element allows you to manage your project on a very granular level so as collaborate and share knowledge to meet company objectives.

Workflow management

Provides an infrastructure, performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks. A workflow is intended to help achieve a predefined business goal.

Project portfolio management

Well designed overview of the enterprise project portfolio gives an opportunity to manage, compare and follow the main characteristics of all projects.

Online notification system

Comprehensible notification mechanism helps to guide you through latest information of your tasks, by avoiding e-mail spam.

Scrum / Kanban boards

An agile project management tool designed to visualize your work. Scrum and Kanban are popular frameworks for implementing agile practices in teams.

Flexible task filtering

Versatile task searching and filter management help the user to create convenient task overview for daily usage, so as for reports.

Is Mojo available both on the server and as a cloud solution?

Mojo is available in Docker technologies and can be installed on the client side (On-premises).

Currently, the cloud solution is not available, but such service is planned to be introduced in the future.

If you are more interested in the Cloud-based solution right now, please read more about Atlassian Jira.

Will Mojo be free all the time?

Mojo is free to use in the current development phase. We plan that this stage could last until the summer of 2023. During this period, upon concluding a mutual agreement, clients are issued trial licenses and an exit code. Clients can use the current license with no limit on the number of users.

With the release of Mojo version 2, it will become a paid tool and will be priced based on the number of users and the amount of functionality the customer will need.

We will inform you about pricing, user packages, and additional paid functionalities 3 (three) months before the release of Mojo 2 version.

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