Digitization of invoices
Solution for the digitalization of invoices, automatic data processing, storage, and transfer to accounting systems.
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A great tool that significantly speeds up the processing of supplier invoices and works as a services for managing invoices. This is a software to facilitate the daily work with your company supplier invoices and the ability to store everything in one place. It is intended not only for the accountant, but also for the non-accounting persons.

The system also supports the export of processed and validated invoices in an .xml file to the accounting system. The file includes:

  1. information about new business partners – automated entry of new partners into the accounting system;

  2. information about invoices without postings – using accounting templates in the accounting system, invoices can be posted quickly.

The exported file is compatible with “Tildes Jumis“, if you need integration with any other accounting system, please contact with us.

Automatic text recognition

Billorg cloud solution will recognize and save the content of invoices using OCR technology. With each subsequent invoice, the system becomes smarter and manual work becomes less and less.

Storage for invoices

Billorg serves also as an invoicing storage. Find the necessary invoice at any time and from any place, view it, and print it. It is also easy to find any invoices in case of audits or for sending justification documents to the VID, etc.)

Integration with the company register and VIES

When processing invoices, Billorg compares the data with the existing database of the Company Register. Billorg also verifies the validity of the VAT registration numbers of other EU member states’ taxable persons using the EU VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

Data export to the accounting system

Billorg supports data export to “Tilde Jumis”. However, if you need integration with another accounting system, please contact us and we will implement it.

How does Billorg work?

1. Upload the invoice or send it to the corresponding e-mail address and the system will recognize and save its content using OCR technology!

2. Check and confirm the uploaded invoice details. With each subsequent invoice, the system becomes more and more intelligent and the manual work becomes less and less.

3. Export data to your accounting system with a single click.

What file types are allowed for upload?

The Billorg cloud solution supports the following file types: pdf., jpg., and png. The system supports both original and scanned files. One file can contain several such invoices.


Does Billorg have both a cloud and server solution?

We currently offer Billorg as a service in the cloud. However, soon we plan to offer a solution which can be installed on your company’s servers (On-premises). If you want to get the tool as a server solution , please contact us privately.

How do I pay for using the product?

Every month, on the last day – an invoice will be send to Your e-mail address. The bill must be paid within the specified period or access to the system will be denied. Access will be restored after the invoice has been refunded.

What if you want to change your product plan?

1. Upgrading to a larger plan

The invoice for the current month is generated on the last day of the month. If the system recognizes that the number of invoices processed in the given period exceeds the limit set by the plan, then the price of the next plan is automatically adjusted.

In such a scenario, a warning message will appear in the Billorg system that you have exceeded the number of invoices for the specific plan and the next plan will be adjusted for you.

2. Downgrading to a smaller plan

If you want to reduce the number of documents to be processed, please write a request on our help desk and with the next month the package will be reduced and you will be adjusted a lower price for the following periods.

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