It usually starts with understanding your needs. We are open to consulting on various IT issues, such as:

  • It can be just an idea or already completed requirement for an IT solution;
  • It can be a old solution or system that needs to be redesigned or improved;
  • It can be the need to establish integration between two or more systems;
  • This may be an existing solution that requires an audit and / or development works;
  • This may be a need for an Android or iOS application to use via mobile phones or tablets;
  • This may be the need to migrate existing and large amounts of data;
  • Any other IT questions or  issues.

During the consultation team will explains IT matters in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Getting started:

  • The first step is to understand current situation. We will listen to all your wishes. In case of a need for new system we will listen to your idea and vision of how the solution should work. In the case of the existing system, we will listen all your wishes regarding improvements.
  • After identifying the requirements, we will offer the best possible technical solution or listen to your technical suggestions. We will estimate the amount of work and create an offer that will describe your desired functionalities.
  • We will agree on the best contract type for your case - we offer both fixed price and time contracts, SLA contracts, and other consulting and maintenance contracts. We will determine work deadlines, work processes, and other organizational issues.
  • We will sign the agreement and organize a "kickoff" meeting, where we will agree on the project goals and products to be delivered, get acquainted with the project team members and their responsibilities, identify important problems and project dependencies, define the most important success factors for the project to go according to plan.
Contact with us!
Please ask any questions, we will answer them.