About us

“BRĪVS” ltd have been offering IT services since 2008. We maintain, develop and adapt existing products, as well as develop new individual solutions suitable for the specific
needs of the customer.

Our specialists listen to the customer’s wishes, analyze problems, find optimal algorithms, develop and test what the customer needs. This, along with our unique creativity,
allows us to create new and innovative software products for the market.

In 2021 a group of young, creative enthusiasts joined “BRĪVS” ltd experienced IT specialists to expand the company’s opportunities and create a strong, cohesive team. As a result of the merger, Latvia Technologies
(www.Ltech.lv) was formed.

We work according to both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Our core values

  • Agile thinking – To achieve this goal, we prefer regular and effective cooperation, rather than long and complicated contracts. Our priority is a working solution, not a voluminous document. Respond quickly to business changes, rather than keeping track of outdated requirements.
  • Goal oriented – We are purposeful in what we do. We set our goals and focus our attention, efforts and energy to achieve them.
  • Transparency and honesty – Having gained experience working in other companies, we have realized that often the service provider is not honest with its customers. We stand for long-term cooperation, not short-term profit, so we build good and productive relationships with our customers.
  • Good work environment – A competing company is based not only on a good external image, but also on a satisfied professional in their industry, which forms a strong internal core. We make sure that all our employees are productive and satisfied.

Our experience

  • Development of data migration solutions
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of system integration, electronic signatures, bank authorization, payment processing solutions
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of corporate customer portals
  • Maintenance and development of insurance business systems
  • Development and maintenance of the company’s personnel management systems
  • Development of document digitization and automatic processing system / Maintenance of accounting systems
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of retail network warehouse management, logistics and store management systems
  • Implementation, development and maintenance of ship maintenance, accounting, procurement and fleet personnel systems
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of customer relationship management, consumption accounting, billing and technical maintenance systems for energy trading companies
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of statistical data collection and processing systems
  • Development of custom products and solutions