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Hrono.io is a timesheet tool that helps both small and large teams as well as individual employees to track working hours in various projects.
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Accounting for working hours is one of the most effective means of increasing work quality, productivity and minimizing losses in your company. According to statistics, more than one-third of the time spent at work is wasted. Hrono.io makes daily timekeeping transparent, so you will always be aware of the work done by your team on various projects.

Hrono.io tool allows you to obtain data from your employee and teams’ worked days and hours worked per month, the number of overtime hours, as well as to regulate so that the number of consecutive days and hours worked by employees does not violate the legal limits. Also, the time sheet tool system allows you to easily fill out the vacation schedule of employees, control how many employees go on vacation at the same time, as well as to categorize vacation days depending on their type – sick leaves, annual vacations, and others.

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Timekeeping made easy

A convenient way for employees to write down their daily working hours and keep track of whether the time written down corresponds to everyone’s workload. You can see reports for a specific day, week or the whole month.

Ability to follow employee & team activities

The solution allows you to minimize daily meetings, and information about the work done by the employee within the project is visible to each manager separately for the team under his supervision.

Creates statistics and analysis of the obtained information

Possibility to see statistics on the work done by employees together, in sections of projects, within teams or individually for individual tasks. Statistics can be seen for different time periods.

Automate vacation planning, submission and approval

A separate module for different types of leave applications and confirmations.

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Is Hrono.io both in the cloud and as a server solution?

We currently offer Hrono.io as a service in the cloud.

How do I pay for using the product?

Every month, on the last day – an invoice will be send to Your e-mail address. The bill must be paid within the specified period or access to the system will be denied. Access will be restored after the invoice has been refunded.

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