System analysis

The analysis work is performed by either a business or a systems analyst. A business analyst is special with his ability to combine technical knowledge, business thinking, curiosity, analytical and communication skills, the ability to simultaneously see the big picture of the problem and dive into  small details.

Ltech analyst has more than 10 years of experience, we deal with:

  • Information systems planning and creating of a new or redesigning and improving an existing system to meet the needs of the user
  • We work with binding documentation, we survey customers/clients to find out what the new system or its improvements should look like
  • We analyze and describe the operation of the existing system, its compliance with the customer's needs and develop recommendations for process improvement
  • We analyze the impact of the developed system relations to other connected systems
  • Identify limitations and system usage environment requirements, develop functional (what the system needs to do) and non-functional (performance, security, etc.) requirements
  • We develop a common specification of information system requirements, which determines what and how the system will perform, what it should look like, graphically depicts the structure of the system, its components, and their interaction
  • We analyze the possibilities to implement all the specified requirements, calculate costs and risks, and develop the most suitable system solution
  • We develop a system description and present it to the customer
  • We develop work tasks for developers
  • We coordinate and test code and end functionality, as well as participate in system testing.

We offer the services of a systems analyst both for projects together with development and for individual work – if required.

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