Billorg automatically reads the data in each invoice.

In cases where the quality of the image, the type of characters used in the invoice, or the data in the invoice do not allow the necessary information to be read, Billorg requests the user’s help. Such an invoice is assigned the status To be specified. The user must enter the missing or correctable data in the appropriate fields. Billorg uses data entered by the user for its training.

If any data in any of the invoices are incorrect, inappropriate for the company, or cancellable, it can be canceled in repair mode with the Cancel Invoice button.

How to export data to the accounting system?

On the invoice processing page, the Export button prepares an XML file for the accounting system.

The file includes:

  • Information about new business partners;
  • Information about invoices with status Checked.

Invoices included in the export file become Exported and can no longer be modified. Files with the status Exported can only be viewed in the “Invoices” section by clicking on the “view” icon: