A user’s area or organization can be divided into several sub-companies. It can be useful in several cases:

  • If Billorg’s client is an accounting company serving multiple clients;
  • If the Billorg client has several branches/subsidiaries whose documents are accounted separately;
  • If the incoming documents are structured in a special way and are handled by different employees;
  • Another reason why the organization needs to be divided into smaller units.
For information
For each sub-company, its own box of incoming invoices is generated, which makes structuring of documents easier.

To make changes to the organization, click on your organization in the right corner of the Billorg tool and then click the “Configuration” button.

Correction of organization data

For the organization, only its name can be corrected, and it can be done in the “Name” field of the organization configuration section. After correcting the data, press the “Save” button.

Adding a new company #

To add a new sub-company, press the “Add new company” button

The form has the following fields (properties):

  • Registration number. (Company’s registration number, field is mandatory)
  • Company name (Company’s name, field is mandatory)
  • Country (Company’s country, field is mandatory)
  • VAT no. (Company’s VAT identification number, field is optional)
  • Legal address (Company’s registered address, field is optional)

After successfully adding a company, it will appear in the “Companies” section. at any time, the administrator can change the company’s properties by clicking on the gear icon under “Action”.

Correction of the company’s data #

To correct company’s data, click on the gear icon under “Action” opposite the relevant company whose data you want to correct. In Billorg it is possible to correct the following fields: name, country, VAT no., Legal address. Company registration number and document e-mail cannot be corrected.


To delete a company from the organization, press the “Delete” button and confirm the desire to delete the company again.

Adding a new user #

To add a new user, press the “Add user” button.

The form has the following fields:

E-mail (E-mail of the company used by the User)

Name, Surname (User name and surname)

As soon as the user is added, an invitation to join the Billorg user area (organization) will be sent to the specified e-mail address. During the invitation process, the user will choose a password.

Users have the following statuses:

  • Invited – status until the user has responded to the invitation and completed registration;
  • Active – status when the user is active, can connect to Billorg and perform tasks assigned to him;
  • Blocked – status when the user is blocked and cannot access the user area (organization).

Users have the following roles:

  • User – experienced role that allows to use Billorg’s standard functionality;
  • Administrator – a role that allows the administration panel and edit the user area (organization), including:
    • Edit/add/remove subcompanies;
    • Edit/add/remove users.

Associating the user with sub-companies #

To add an employee to a subcompany, click on the gear icon under “Activity” opposite the relevant company where you want to add it.

In the company section, you can see all the employees who are attached to it. To add a new one, in the upper corner of the table choose the user from all users who have been added to the organization.

In order to unlink users from the company, you need to click “Unlink” [x] under “Action” in front of the relevant user, and this company will no longer be available to the user. (This action does not delete the user or such data from Billorg, but only disconnects from the company)