To open the company’s section and upload documents, on the Billorg home page you need to select the organization to which the company is attached in Billorg, afterwards select the company registration number in the “Companies” section.

Billorg provides two ways to upload documents:

  1. By dragging the document (Drag and Drop) into the Billorg window or by pressing the “Upload” button in the company’s section “Documents”.
  2. By sending a document to the configured email address as an attachment in an email.

Billorg supports the following document types:

  • PDF document (original or scanned) – recommended format;
  • Image document in JPG. or PNG. format.

What is the recommended image quality?

If documents are prepared by scanning, it is recommended to use a scanner resolution of 300 dpi.

To which email address should the documents be sent?

Each organization whose documents are processed by Billorg has a separate email address.

Contact your system maintainer to find out this address.

What is the maximum document size?

Billorg accepts documents with a file size of up to 16 megabytes (Mb).

A document can have a maximum of 20 pages.

Can multiple invoices be scanned into one PDF file?

Yes. A document file can contain multiple invoices, each consisting of one or more pages.

There cannot be multiple invoices on one page.