Billorg automatically processes the uploaded document.

In cases where the quality of the image, the type of characters used in the document, or the data contained in the document do not allow the necessary information to be read, Billorg requires manual data entry.

  1. Determinating the company

Each uploaded document is checked to see if it applies to the company. In cases where Billorg cannot determine whether a document refers to this company, a question will appear:

Does the document apply to this company?

By pressing the button Yes! you confirm that the invoice does apply to the company.

  1. Partner verification

Billorg automatically identifies the partner in the document if it is a Latvian company or an individual known to Billorg. In cases where the tool is unable to identify the company or the company’s registration number is not on the list of The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia, a notification is displayed for the corresponding document:

The business partner’s registration number is not found on the page!

The user must enter the partner’s registration number. If the entered number cannot be found in the Latvian Enterprise Register or is already known to Billorg, then the user must also enter the other data of the partner.

In the case of private individuals, it is recommended to enter the personal code without a hyphen.

  1. Invoice pages

If the necessary information is not found on the page during automatic processing, it can be separated as a separate document. This is indicated by the space between the page selection buttons. In this case, a question will appear:

Is this page a continuation of the invoice on the previous page?

The page can be added as a continuation by pressing the button Yes!.